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Meat production is apparently going to double by 2020. I get so enraged and upset about is the planet going to keep up?





This world is so imbalanced already I can’t even bare the thought of that. The amount of people living in poverty, the earth’s climate, the death toll.. all going to increase. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel really hopeless.

Truth is, it can’t keep up. The world (being the population) is already living at 150% of what the planet can sustain.

That’s 50% more then what nature can provide and every year this is rising at an alarming increase. The effects of borrowing more then what is on offer, is severely minimising the chances of reversing this damage.

The fact that the meat industry is one of the leading causes of this and it set to double by 2020, is said to amp up the percentage to 210%. That’s a 110% living above the means of what our planet can handle.

It’s a scary thought and one I wished more people took seriously.

This breaks my heart, everyday. I consider myself a fairly positive person but this just makes me feel so helpless.

If the world was living at 150% of what we can sustain, countries would literally be falling apart. Like, on an apocalyptic scale. What the hell? We’d be on a fast track to dead if we got even near 80%. What the utter fuck. Sources? Facts? Come on…

There are scientists and mathematicians who study endgame for a fucking living…A LIVING…yet you just canceled out all of their work with your “stats”.

I’ve become a living apology, I am sorry
an eight word poem (d.v.e)

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US embraces Cuban refugees while deporting undocumented Central Americans


USA the hypocrite (as usual)

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Four large murals painted by artist Tim Guider inside Long Bay prison, Sydney in the mid 1980’s. The murals took 2 years to complete and now have a Heritage Order protecting them.

They’re called Killing the Wall, Bi-centennial Apocalypse, Orphalese and
Rainforest - symbol of Paradise.